.com vs .biz – the domain value battle

.com vs .biz

Domain Value – .com vs .biz

Any veteran to the online world, whether it is SEO, hosting or anything else, already knows which is the better choice between .com vs .biz. However, if you’re not familiar with these two domain extension, other than surfing the net in your spare time or at work, you may not know which is the best choice.

Whenever possible, it’s always best to get the .com, if you’re a business. Even though the .biz sounds like it should be perfect for a business, it’s not the first choice for many reasons.

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The Value

The first reason you want to choose a .com extension whenever possible is the value. A .com is worth far more than a .biz, even if they are the same. Many experts have stated, if the .com is worth $1,000 or more, the same .biz domain name is only worth about $20.


The second reason a .com is far better than a .biz domain name is recognition. Since this was the first very popular domain extension, most internet users are trained to default to the .com. If you do any offline advertising at all, the .com is a better choice than a .biz.


When people seek a domain extension other than .com, .org, .net or a country extension, they don’t always trust it. The .info domain extension is known to be associated with scams. The .biz may not be in the same category as the .info, but it’s not far off. Some internet users won’t trust any domain extension outside of .com, .org and .net.

Many other reasons exist for choosing the .com over the .biz domain name. These are just the top three and the most important.

Which is Better for SEO?

Some experts will try and convince you that the domain extension doesn’t make much of a difference, but this is false. Even though it’s not the only factor or even one of the major factors used by Google and other search engines, the domain extension does make a difference.

If the same domain name is ranked with a .com and a .biz, the .com will outrank the .biz. This is assuming they both come away with the same or very similar SEO scores from the search engine. The .com is simply a stronger domain extension when it comes to search engine optimization.

.com vs .biz - domain popularity chart

Why Not Choose the .biz for a Business?

It seems like the obvious choice for a business because it’s .biz. However, this isn’t the right domain name choice, if the .com is available. Many extensions come above the .biz including the .net and the .org extensions.

The perspective of the .biz will also hurt you online. When you start a business on the .biz extension, people automatically assume you’re selling something. This is like a guy showing up at your door with a vacuum in his hand. You know he’s a sales person and you’re more likely to ignore his knocking than if he didn’t have the vacuum.

When visitors see that you’re a .biz, it makes their mind automatically go into salesman mode. They may click away from your site very quickly and they may never come back.

Businesses that do the best online have the feel of a non-commercial website Of course, you’re selling something, but you want your site to be presented in a non-commercial way.

Choosing the Right .com or .biz Domain Name

If the .com is the right choice for your business or for just about any other website out there, what is the purpose of the .biz domain name?

The .biz still has some value and can be used for projects not geared towards online marketing. It may work well for a forum or for other projects. The .biz also offers an alternative when the .com and .net are both taken.

Choosing the right domain name can be tricky, but any time you plan to use your website to generate an income, you need to get the .com first. It’s the most powerful, most recognizable ad best domain extension you will find.

Once you have your domain name, you will need hosting for it. ITX Design provides a variety of packages perfect for your new domain name. Contact us if you have any questions and we will gladly help you choose the right hosting for your specific needs.

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