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ClipBucket Hosting is a great way to build a foundation for your video sharing website. Whether you want to explode like YouTube or provide videos more like Hulu, you need the right hosting to handle the traffic.

ClipBucket Hosting

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Video Websites Turn to ClipBucket Hosting

video-clip-bucketWhat is ClipBucket?

ClipBucket is an open source multimedia management script you can use free of charge. Many consider it to be one of the best in the business for video websites. With this script, you will get all the features necessary to create a site perfect for sharing videos. This is the fastest growing script of its kind and you can completely customize all the features of the script.

With the right ClipBucket Hosting and this very powerful script, you can:

  • Allow users to stream and upload videos from your website
  • Allow users to share videos across the web
  • Include a feature allowing for picture uploading
  • Create photo albums to share
  • Upload and listen to audio files
  • And More!

This is a free script you can download without paying anything. Choose one of the free themes for your new video sharing site or pay for a custom theme branded perfectly for your new website. Many of the plugins and themes do come with a small charge, but the script itself remains free.

You can use the plugins to make your site better and create custom features. This will allow you to stand out from your competition and provide a better overall user experience for your visitors. If you want the best from ClipBucket, you need the right hosting.

Hosting Videos with Shared Hosting Packages


Shared hosting is by far the most popular hosting because it provides you the ability to start your own website for a very low monthly price. With ITX Design, you can start with a shared hosting package at as little as $4.95 per month. However, this may not be the right option for a video sharing website.

The massive resources used by video sharing sites can slow you down if you only choose shared hosting. Getting started with shared hosting is fine, but you will soon need to upgrade to a VPS hosting account or a dedicated server. These are two options offers by ITX Design and you can easily upgrade when the time comes.

Why Shared Hosting isn’t Enough?

Shared hosting packages come with unlimited resources, but you share these resource with other websites on the same server. If your site or another site starts using too much of the resources, it will slow the server down or cause it to crash. This can interrupt your business and make it difficult to continue to provide high quality service for your visitors.

When you upgrade to a VPS hosting package, your resources are not unlimited. However, they are all yours to use and you don’t share them with anybody else. This is usually the first step for a video sharing site using ClipBucket. As you grow, you can upgrade through the levels of VPS hosting. If you outgrow the largest VPS hosting package, you will need to upgrade to a dedicated server.

With a dedicated server, you receive more resources and you are the only account on the server. This provides higher levels of security and you will be able to do more for your users. With a video sharing site, the best hosting is often a dedicated server.

Your Best Option for ClipBucket Hosting

video-hosting-serviceChoosing a hosting company with great support, all three hosting options and the ability to upgrade you anytime you need more resources will provide the best ClipBucket hosting for your needs. Of course, you need to make sure the price fits your budget, as well.

At ITX Design, you can start with one of our shared hosting packages for a very low monthly price or one of our VPS package for a little more. As you grow, we can upgrade you to a new VPS package or a dedicated server we manage for you. This will make it easy for you to concentrate on building your video sharing website and not worrying about your hosting.

Support is vital with ClipBucket hosting and we provide the best in the business. If you want to get the most out of your video sharing site, start with a strong foundation provided by one of the ITX Design hosting packages.

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