Christian Web Hosting Reviews

christian-hosting-wooden-crossAfter looking at the many Christian web hosting companies, it’s clear, ITX Design is the leader in this hosting category. The customer reviews of ITX Design show the excellent support and service we provide in the hosting industry. When you’re looking for a top Christian owned hosting company, you don’t need to look any further than ITX Design.

How is ITX Design Different

Many Christian hosting companies provide good packages for reasonable prices, but ITX Design separates itself with award-winning support. Other companies may not offer 24/7 support or a highly experienced staff to provide answers to your questions. At ITX Design, you only deal with the most experienced support team in the industry and they are available any time, day or night.

Whether you run a ministry website, church site or any other type of website and you prefer Christian hosting, ITX Design can provide everything you need. With support for a number of software applications and plenty of hosting packages to choose from, you can use hosting from ITX Design for just about any project you desire.

However, at ITX Design we don’t provide hosting for websites with an anti-Christian agenda, such as adult based sites. Our screening process ensures you’re not associated with these types of sites at all because we don’t allow them on our servers. We put our journey in Christ before anything else and don’t believe it’s right to host websites sharing a non-Christian message.

Reading the Christian Hosting Review

Searching the internet for Christian web hosting reviews will show you the truth. You will find all types of customer reviews stating one company is better than another. What it really comes down to is the support and service. You can always tell a good hosting company by the support they offer. As one of the most important parts of any hosting package, you need great support.

If you call the support phone line and you’re stuck on hold forever, the company may be having issues with their servers or they don’t have a large enough support staff. This is a problem and will only make it harder on you as you build your Christian website.

At ITX Design, you won’t have this issue because we provide the best servers in the industry and what we feel is the best support staff possible. Our experienced hosting experts will answer your questions in a professional way, making it easy for you to fix the issue you’re experiencing. Even if you just want us to recommend the right hosting package for your needs, we’re happy to help.

Choosing the right Christian web hosting from the reviews you read online can be helpful and dangerous at the same time. Some reviews come from isolated incidents, while others come from issues with the company. If you see the same thing said over and over about a specific hosting company, it’s probably an ongoing issue. However, if you see the same thing stated in multiple reviews and it’s positive, this can lead you to the right hosting company for your needs.

The ITX Design Ministry Discount

christian-hosting-spirtiAnother way we separate ourselves from the many other hosting companies out there is with our ministry discount. If you run a Christian organization of any type or you are willing to link to a Christian oriented page on your homepage, we will give you a 35% discount on any of our hosting packages. You can redeem this offer with the promotion code “Christ.”

We will even take it a step further because we want to make sure you get the Christian hosting you need to spread the word of Christ. If you cannot afford hosting for your Christian organization, ministry or church, we will help. Just contact us at and let us provide the help you need.  We even host some Christian websites at no cost to the ministry in order to help them mature and create an online presence.

As Christians, we are called to love one another and one of the ways we do this is by helping those in need. If you need the right online tools to help grow your ministry and hosting is one of them, just read the Christian web hosting reviews online about ITX Design. You will quickly find that other customers are very happy with our support, service and hosting packages.

ITX Design is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration provider. We provide dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including Reseller Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting and Christian Web Hosting.
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