Why You Need To Register Mobi Domain

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A Guide To Register Mobi Domain

If you want a specialized website, it’s a good idea to go for register mobi domain. Dot mobi is essentially a TLD or Top Level Domain, similar to dot com, dot org, dot net etc. Dot mobi is not as common as some of the others and there is a reason for that. Dot mobi TLD is specialized for cell phones so keep all of this in mind when you are picking out your hosting package online.

The number of people who access the internet from their cell phones are increasing day by day. People want instant access to the internet and mobile phones are the most close at hand device to do it with. People who use internet on their phones know that most websites are not designed to be viewed on the mobile phone. A lot of web developers are now designing web sites which are tailored to be viewed only on mobile phones. For such websites, register mobi domain is the perfect option.

The way to register a dot mobi domain is very similar to how any other domain name is registered. There is one difference though and that is that the registrar has to first make sure that your website can actually be viewed on a mobile device. If it can, you are allowed to have a dot mobi domain.

Useful Information On Register Mobi Domain

The dot mobi domain was up for grabs in 2006 and is distributed by a company called mTLD. Most of the biggest telecommunication companies saw a great potential in this and have financially supported register mobi domain. Different data on the IT industry shows that there are 4 mobiles purchased to every computer and more and more people are interested in buying cell phone packages which include internet access. Thus, having a website specifically designed for cell phones may not be such a bad idea. It could certainly yield a lot of profits.

If your website is one that can be more useful when viewed in a cell phone, it makes sense to go for a dot mobi domain. For example, if you have a website which helps with geographical directions on the streets etc, it would be a great help to people if such a website was available on cell phones. Such specialization will help you create a niche for yourself and get more traffic. The extra effort will definitely pay off. It might not even be too bad an idea to register mobi domain now even though you have no plans of creating a mobile specific website. These domains are relatively cheaper today and it is inevitable that cell phone specific websites will become more popular in the future.

All You Need To Know About Register Mobi Domain

The advantages in securing your own dot mobi domain right now are numerous. Firstly, since it is not commonly used, there are more domain names available. It’s a rarity to find a single word domain available with a dot com format but it could be possible with a dot mobi format.

Secondly, once the demand increases, prices will go up too and you can either create a great mobile specific website or just sell your mobi domain name for profit. Just make sure that you register mobi domain with a reliable company and you’re good to go.

Domain Mobi: An Overview

Why Has The Domain Mobi Been Introduced?

mobile phonesThe main purpose for the introduction of domain mobi was to make it simpler to find websites that have been specifically designed to get used on mobile phones. Apart from this, it was also believed that with its introduction, mobile internet surfing and browsing will become very common and easier to use. Therefore, it will make it also very easy to not only get a domain but also find hosting online.

Domain mobi was introduced in 2005 and was available for use by the year 2006. Moreover, anyone can register for it be it an individual or an organization as they can easily purchase a domain name and register as a mobile site, as long as their website is offering good usability on cell phones.

Since the companies that offer these cellphone internet services want to satisfy their customers, they need to make sure that the users can actually access the pages they want to see. Hence websites that are being operated using the domain mobi or extensions are tested in order to ensure that they are actually compatible with cell phones.

How Does One Register for a Domain Mobi?

To register for a domain name, a user needs to follow a set of guidelines and in this case, domain mobi raises certain questions for the users which are related to the design, optimization, coding and accessibility. However, registration for a mobi domain name is done in exactly the same manner as one would register for any other domain name.

The user can include any numeral from 0 to 9 and any character from A to Z in their domain name. A domain name can also include hyphens as long as they don’t use them at the beginning or at the end. After the domain name has been decided, you can check if it is available for use or not.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Domain Mobi

.com and .mobi usesWith technological advancements and advancements in mobile technology, there are countless benefits of registering a domain mobi name. Web developers are targeting towards mobile sites to raise revenues because of the increasing popularity of smartphones these days. Smartphones offering 3G and 4G connectivity are high in demand all over the world as they facilitate a lot of ease for users, allowing them to access internet and browse whenever they want. Through domain mobi, the prospects of higher revenues and of success increases for a website owner.

A big chunk of the internet traffic is coming through mobile phones, which explains why everybody these days wants to go for mobile websites and optimize it to the maximum level to enhance the process of browsing for users on their mobile phone devices. Mobile websites require greater tweaks as compared to normal websites but the process of registering both is the same. However, at the same time, there are certain disadvantages of mobile websites as they divide the traffic, leading to the generation of redundant data over the internet. The separation of the internet traffic has caused problems and issues related to data traffic but on the whole, the advantages of mobile websites outweigh their disadvantages. If you are interested in making revenue and know the dos and don’ts of website making, you should try registering for a domain mobi and enter the field of money making.

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