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I would like to say to all who are thinking about purchasing a website, web hosting plan, PCI compliance, shopping cart solutions, marketing ideas, coding issues, security and just any and all online solutions that need to be developed in order to run an online internet based business. That ITX Design and Paul are just down to earth, professional and just plainly AMAZING to work with. I truly mean that in every sense of the imagination. I am 52 years old and when it comes to the computer world, well I am not the brightest light bulb in the room. I can only say that the attention to detail that Paul and his team of experts have personally rendered have been FANTASTIC. They have spent numerous hours developing my custom made website. I am really excited to see orders coming in and being processed through the shopping cart design with the help of ITX Design. I really appreciate everything you have done to bring this all together. I will recommend ITX Design to everyone. If you are looking for the best online solutions company out there then ITX Design is the company that you want to work with. GREAT JOB!!! Paul, how can I thank you enough for the amount of time and sacrifice that you have personally given to me. You are the MAN!!! ITX Design will always be www.Propertyclaimtips.com internet consultant and go to company forever!
Thank you very much,
Rick Kinney

I would highly recommend ITX Designs as a hosting company. I had been hosting through another company and was not able to stay PCI Compliant with Security Metrics. I switched over to ITX Designs about a year ago and have been so pleased. Paul worked with me and within a few days had my site PCI Compliant. He responds promptly to my emails and my questions. I am not real tech savvy and Paul is very good about explaining things to me. If I fail a test, I send Paul an email and he is right on it fixing the issues to make me compliant again. The customer service is outstanding!!!
Denise Wiedeman

The great US based customer service is refreshing in this day and age. It is people like John that have kept me as a happy customer for years. You have a great staff there at ITX Design. The folks at ITX Design can be proud of a great customer service representative like John!
R Larsen

ITXDesign Hosting is unbelievably wonderful, they will go out of their way to make customers happy. I had issues that were totally my fault and ITXDesign acted as if they were at fault. If you are looking for the best hosting company around, ITXDesign is the one. I own and operate a Web Design company that is very successful and all of my customers are hosted with ITXDesign and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t mess around with the other guys, ITXDesign is the ticket. They go way beyond what is necessary to make their customers happy!
J Cranford

I’d like to thank you and your staff for making the transition to ITX Design a very pleasant and easy one! From my initial call with Nicole who stepped me through the process of what I would have to do to move to a new provider (even before I had made a decision to use ITX Design), to Don who made the personal phone call to verify the credit charges, to Adam who graciously moved and then re-moved the site from Linux to Windows and then back to Linux when we figured out what we needed and then to you who has followed up with my request to help us with becoming PCI Compliant. You and your staff have been able to do in two days what our last hosting company could (would?) not do for us in nine months. I certainly appreciate the professional courtesy ITX Design has provided and will not be hesitant to recommend your services to anyone who might ask me for a recommendation.
G. S.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me de-bug the issue with my email and Blackberry service; it’s my lifeline, and I appreciated your help and patience. Thanks as well for adding the extra disk space to my site for free. And, you were very subtle: until I received your email, I didn’t realize that I had been speaking to THE PAUL. I once had the pleasure of speaking to Don, and I appreciate the personal attention and investment you make in your business.
As a business owner, I know what that kind of commitment takes, and what a difference it make to clients. It’s one of the reasons I’m a big fan of ITX Design. J. S., Esq.

I highly recommend this site to all. This is the 2nd order I have placed. One by web and one over the phone. Both were extremely pleasurable and fast. The customer service folks were very accomodating and genuine, just like their software !!! I have recommended this company to my family and friends and they have purchased with the same experience of which I am writing. I am lucky person to have found this site.
Keep up the great work and great prices too.

I just finished up an on-line help session with Jarrod. This was the third time I’ve worked with Jarrod and each time he has been polite, helpful and solved the problem. What’s been surprising is that it’s been with very little wasted motion. I develop software for a living so I know how difficult trouble-shooting can be – Jarrod seems to be an expert. He’s a great asset to ITX. ITX was recommended to me because it was reputed to have excellent service. I can say that my experience has confirmed that and I’ll recommend ITX to customers and colleagues.
J Connell

You offer wonderful service at wonderful prices. I have sent many people to you over the past two years. When I talk about you, they want to experience the same wonderful service I get…. I will continue sending customers your way.
B Gainor

Wow. You guys rock. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. It is refreshing to be working with a company that actually values our business.
Best Regards,
J Kipps

Thank you very much for your help on this… Your quick response was amazing!! Keep up the good work and thanks again!
C Sweet

As always, it was a pleasure talking with you this morning. I feel honored, and privileged to be working with a company, staff, and person at the professional caliber, you and your organization exudes. In my opinion your organization should write the book on your customer service techniques, to share with other businesses. Only then, will they reach the same benchmark, and standard, as should be expected in any business industry. I truly get the sense your interests are not self serving, but to help our company succeed. You and your company have set the tone for leadership in the web hosting industry, and I am glad I found you. Please feel free to call upon me at any time, to provide my experience with any client that may need a reference on your behalf.
S Liegl

Great Scott!! How can you afford to do this? This is wonderful as I am about to add a database… From day one I have just been impressed. You have made life so easy for me.
J Driscoll

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