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teacher-websites-hostingTen Reasons Why Teachers Need Their Own Website

It doesn’t matter what type of teacher you are, you need a website. All types of teaches, from private to classroom to online tutors to professors, need a website. There are many benefits to having your own website and the cost is very small compared to the benefits. Here are ten reasons why every teacher needs their own website.

Online Marketing

For private teachers, online marketing is vital to either business. Older methods of advertising, such as flyers, newspaper ads and other postings can only reach so far. A website provides the convenience may need to find out more information about you and it makes it possible for you to be found through search engines.

School teachers need a website for online marketing, as well. This shows that you are up-to-date with the latest technology and that you stake your job seriously. Communicating with parents and students also becomes much easier when you add a private forum to your website.

Your Digital Portfolio

Sometimes you need a convenient place to point somebody if they want to understand who you are. Your website provides a digital portfolio with all your accomplishments and skills. It acts as an online resume and so much more.

Communicate with Parents

The old method of sending a note home with your students is no longer necessary. Half the time the note doesn’t even make it to the parents. However, with your own website, you can keep parents in the look about upcoming events, the curriculum and any news. You can communicate to all the parents or just parents of a specific student through your website.

Creates a Worldwide Presenceteacher-websites-students

Accessing your website is easy for anybody, all across the globe. Once your site goes live, you become worldwide instantly. This allows you to make connections all over the world. If you have students going abroad, you can keep up with them and people you meet can find you and drop you a quick email.

Keep Students Up-to-date on Assignments

With your own website, no longer can students tell you they forgot what the assignment was or they lost the syllabus. You can post all the necessary information on your website and direct your students to visit the website often.

Parent Feedback

Your website can be set up to allow parents with a way to give you feedback on assignments, field trips and other parts of your job. It may not be easy to take constructive criticism or tough feedback, but it’s important to your job. If you become stuck in old habits, your students may not get learn as much or as easily from your methods.

Catalog of Assignments, Handouts and More

Along with providing students with access to homework and other important documents, your website provide a convenient place to store all these documents for use later. If you keep them in a file folder, you could lose them or misplace them. However, your website can be backed up easily and you will never have to worry about losing any of your important documents.

Professional Credibility

Just as a company gains trust and credibility with a website, so do teachers. Students and parents will appreciate the website you maintain and you will gain credibility due to the many benefits provided.

Brings You to the Student’s Level

Students are online all the time and you need to be, as well. The last thing you want to become is the teacher known as a dinosaur. You need to stay up-to-date on technology and meet your students on their level.

Your Website Goes with You

Many schools provide you with a profile or even a place to share assignments and other announcement. However, if you move from one job to another or you tutor outside of your regular teaching job, the page they give you won’t help. Your website is yours and it goes with you, no matter where you go.

All of these reasons make it pretty clear how important a website is for all teachers. Start by choosing the right hosting and since you should be familiar with the technology that goes along with a website, you may want to design it yourself.

ITX Design provides the perfect hosting for teacher websites and all the tools you need to get up and running fast. Whether you choose a top CMS, such as WordPress or you use the site builder included in your hosting package, getting your website up and running will be easy. All the tools you get with your hosting are very user-friendly and the ITX Design support team can help with any questions you might encounter. Contact us today and find out which package we recommend for your teacher website.


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