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The 6 Types of Employees You’ll Find in Any Office [Infographic]

types of employees

You’ll come across many different types of employees in your office. All types are required to make the world run smoothly (and sometimes, a bit unpredictably). Every office is different, but there seems to be a careful balance: In almost every office across the U.S., you can identify a few people that roughly fit the types we’ll describe below. Tell us which types of employees you recognize from your own office–and which type you think you might be! The 6 Types of Employees in Every Office Vocoli put together an excellent infographic outlining the 6 types of employees you’re likely to run …

5 Employee Motivation Techniques That Are Proven to Be Effective

Motivating employees that seem to have lost their drive can be a challenge. Many business owners and supervisors are tempted to give exuberant raises, undeserved promotions, and implement expensive workplace changes in attempts to motivate employees. But research has proven that money and other extrinsic (outside the self) motivators simply don’t work long term to recharge employees. In fact, they can condition employees to continue the un-driven behavior that you want to change. Luckily, you can rely on motivation techniques that have already been proven to be effective. There’s no guesswork involved–if you want to boost productivity and workplace morale, …

How to Write Effective Job Descriptions

job descriptions

Ready to hire an employee? You need to craft a job description that clearly states what is expected of the role. Writing an effective job description will help you appeal to the right job candidates, set a parameter for compensation, accurately describe the job role, and set performance expectations. What should be in a job description? Summary Your focus should be on making your job description clear and concise. Most job descriptions start with a short summary of the position. In your summary, you might include: Tasks involved in the role Preferred methods for completing these tasks How the role …

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