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ITX Design is a leader in the hosting industry with many experts on staff ready to help you with any issues. When it comes to OpenCart hosting we are one of the best choices for hosting your E-commerce website. With 24/7 Customer Service and Support we're always ready to assist our clients.

OpenCart Hosting

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OpenCart Hosting Experts Provide a Variety of Packages

Making the right hosting choice will provide a better foundation for your business. If you’re new to the online business world, you want to avoid getting sucked into the wrong type of hosting. Some of the biggest hosting companies will promise unlimited resources for a super cheap price, but they actually cap your resource quickly. This doesn’t provide you with the option to grow at a rate you can handle.  Our variety of hosting packages provides the right choice for any type of online store from a handful of products to thousands. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate, we provide an affordable solution for businesses ranging from small to large.

Avoiding the Big Name Hosting Companies

Some of the most well-known hosting companies are great for a standard website or a blog, but not for all ecommerce sites. If you plan to host a large number of products or you plan to attract thousands of viewers per day to your website, you need a better hosting option. Companies with packages specific for OpenCart hosting or at least ecommerce hosting, will provide a better solution than a large company offering only shared hosting for a few dollars a month.

You get what you pay for, and it’s even true with hosting. It may seem like every hosting company is the same, but they are all very different. The biggest differences are seen in the following:

  • Support
  • Server Type
  • Actual Resources
  • Number of accounts per server (shared packages only)
  • Uptime
  • Load times

It can be confusing trying to pick the right hosting company because they all promise 99.99% uptime, but they don’t all deliver. The best way to separate the good companies from the average is through the support. By calling support and speaking with a representative, you will get a feel about how the company operates. If they answer your request quickly, friendly and in a professional manner, you’re probably dealing with a good hosting company.

However, if you’re stuck on hold forever, you receive a rude customer service representative or the person you speak to doesn’t know how to answer your questions, you want to choose a different OpenCart hosting company.

Why Does Support Matter?

You may be thinking support isn’t very important because you’ve never needed it with your current company. Even if you never need the support team, you still need to test them.

A slow response to your request can be a sign of servers crashing or other issues happening on a regular basis. It can also show you that the company doesn’t have a large enough support team for the customer base. These are both very big issues and you don’t want to get stuck dealing with a hosting company without the right resources in place.

The Right Package for Your Needs

Many “so-called” experts will tell you shared hosting is plenty if you’re running OpenCart. This is true, to an extent.

When you first start out, shared hosting will provide the most affordable option. However, as your web store grows, you will need to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated plan.

Larger stores, high volume websites and those planning to run multiple sites, may want to start with VPS or dedicated hosting. Both of these options provide custom security features and support a larger volume of traffic than shared hosting will. Ultimately, it comes down to the number of products and the expected daily traffic volume. The more products you carry and the more traffic you receive, the better your hosting needs to be to support your web store.

Our OpenCart Hosting Experts are Standing By

If you want the best hosting for OpenCart in the industry, ITX Design is ready to help. We provide top level support, up-to-date servers, a variety of packages and some of the most experienced experts ready to help you with your hosting needs. We will even help transfer your website(s), if you’re migrating from another hosting company. Choose one of our OpenCart Hosting packages today and experience the difference.

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