Miva Merchant Web Hosting

ITX Design provides Miva Merchant under three different hosting plans that allow you to easily expand. Miva Merchant Hosting is a premier ecommerce hosting solution for easily managing your online store. We also provide free transfer support if you're moving your site from another host.

Miva Shared

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited RAM Usage
  • $59.95

Miva VPS

  • 200GB Disk Space
  • 1,500GB Bandwidth
  • 2GB RAM
  • $129.95

Miva Dedicated

  • 2x 500GB Hard Drives
  • 10,0000GB Bandwidth
  • 8GB RAM
  • $199.95

Our Miva Merchant Hosting Plans Include

  • Managed Service
  • Private DNS
  • SSH
  • Sub Domains
  • Parked Domains
  • Control Panel
  • E-mail Accounts
  • Mailing Lists
  • Email Forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • Webmail
  • Shopping Cart
  • Anonymous FTP
  • FrontPage
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • Password Protect Folders
  • File Manager
  • Site Statistics
  • Much More

Miva Merchant Hosting for All Your Ecommerce Needs

A powerful ecommerce solution, such as Miva Merchant is great, but the wrong hosting can make your experience horrible. Finding the right Miva Merchant hosting for your needs isn’t hard to find, if you know where to look. However, if you’re new to hosting and ecommerce, this can be a difficult task.

What Can Miva Merchant Offer You?

Miva Merchant is an ecommerce solution with plenty of design flexibility. If you need to sell items in an online store, accept credit cards, calculate real-time shipping rates and sales tax, this is the right solution for your needs. Miva Merchant provides:

  • Enterprise Security
  • Product Merchandising
  • Customer Accounts
  • Order Management
  • In-House Support
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • B2B & B2C Channels
  • Internet Marketing Ready Features
  • International Expansion
  • And More!

These features make it easy to get your online store up and running fast. Whether you’re looking for the best ecommerce solution for your needs or just a solution allowing you to get started fast, Miva Merchant can help.

Hosting Your Ecommerce Solution

Without the right hosting, meeting all the requirements of Miva Merchant, you won’t get far with your online store. There are a few things to consider before you choose the right Miva Merchant hosting for your needs.

Most hosting companies support ecommerce solutions, such as Miva Merchant, but some actually have plans designed to work perfectly with this ecommerce solution. The amount of traffic you get to your new online store will make a difference in your hosting choice and so will your overall budget.

Shared Hosting and Miva Merchant

You can use shared hosting for Miva Merchant hosting if you just need to get things started for the lowest possible price. Shared hosting is a great option for those not expecting large amounts of traffic, as well. However, if you know your traffic will be high or you plan to aggressively market your new online store, shared hosting might not be enough.

VPS Hosting and Miva Merchant

The next step up for Miva Merchant hosting is VPS hosting. With this type of hosting you gain many benefits over shared hosting. You will still be on the same server as other accounts, but you will get your own partition of resources to use instead of sharing them with everybody else on the server. This provides custom security options and many other options for your online store.

Those expecting medium to high traffic or those needing added security will need VPS hosting instead of shared hosting to get started. It’s important to look at the differences and understand your needs before you commit to VPS hosting because it is more expensive than shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting and Miva Merchant

Larger online stores or those with a high amount of daily traffic will need a dedicated server. With your own server, you gain the best security options possible, which is very important if you plan to store customer information. You will also be able to attract more traffic without any slowdowns or down time.

Miva Merchant Hosting from ITX Design

At ITX Design, we offer shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting to allow your business to grow at a pace comfortable for you. Whether you start with shared hosting or you jump right into a dedicated server, we provide packages designed to work with Miva Merchant.

Along with excellent hosting and a 99.999% uptime average, we offer 24/7 technical support from an experienced hosting support staff. You’re never alone with ITX Design. Our support staff is always just a phone call, email or chat request away.

Making your Final Hosting Decision

After looking at the needs of your site and the anticipated traffic, you can make your final hosting decision. Of course, you must consider you budget before committing to a specific type of hosting. At ITX Design, we offer packages starting as low as $4.95 per month. We make it easy for anybody to afford hosting and get their online store started.

As you grow, you can easily upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting with us. We will migrate everything for you without any issues and make the transition as smooth as possible. If you’re moving from another hosting company, we will help you transfer everything, so that you can keep your website up and running as much as possible.

If you’re ready to get started with the best Miva Merchant hosting in the industry, choose a package from ITX Design and get started today.

Miva Merchant 5

Powerful Store Design Tools

  • Complete control over store design with new Store Morph Technology.
  • Use pre-defined pages, or add your own custom pages.
  • Specify the position of each component on every store page.
  • Easily insert third party module components into store pages.
  • Change content of HEAD and BODY tags on each page individually or globally.
  • Use the ready-made design for your store, or create a unique look.
  • Point + Click mode control over fonts, colors, buttons and more.
  • Advanced mode control over navigation bar code, buttons, and more.

Easy-to-Use Administration Tools

  • Web accessible administration interface. Nothing to install on your computer.
  • Version history records each change for many store design components.
  • Version recall enables you to experiment, and create alternate versions, without risk.
  • Navigation tree directs you to all aspects of your online store settings.
  • Links to the store provide an easy way to view changes as you work.

Catalog Management

  • Unlimited products.
  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories.
  • Create detailed product descriptions with text or HTML.
  • Create user-defined custom fields for each product, such as ISBN, UPC, Manufacturer, etc.
  • Assign thumbnail and full-size images to each product.

Miva Merchant Hosting

Inventory and Merchandising

  • Low Stock and Out of Stock inventory levels for each product.
  • Display customized inventory level messages for each product or universally.
  • Hide out-of-stock products from customers.
  • Receive email notifications for low or out of stock products.
  • Associate unlimited related products.
  • Offer upsale products based on order total, items purchased, or both.
  • Define product characteristics with attributes.
  • Add additional prices or weight to individual attribute options.
  • Multiple attribute display types, including drop-down boxes, radio buttons, and text fields.
  • Use attribute templates to assign sets of attributes to multiple products.
  • Changes to an attribute template can be copied to all products referencing it.
  • Set order minimums based on price, quantity, or both.
  • Display custom message for not meeting order minimum.

Customer Management

  • Encourage repeat business with customer accounts.
  • Provide customers easy access to their account details and addresses.
  • Create price groups to offer special pricing for specific customers.
  • Use availability groups to offer hidden products to specific customers.
  • Assign customers to one or multiple Miva Merchant Mailer mailing lists.

Affiliate Programs

  • Promote your store by working with affiliates.
  • Set affiliate commission levels based on order total, traffic referred, or a combination of both.
  • Online affiliate accounts enable affiliates to see earnings, retrieve store links and banners, and view program agreement.
  • Track all affiliate earnings and payouts through a simple affiliate management system.

Additional Marketing Services

  • Work seamlessly with Miva Merchant Mailer, the mailing list management and email distribution system.
  • Take advantage of Miva Merchant Submit, a suite of search engine optimization and web presence enhancement tools.

Order Processing

  • Batch all new orders and run batch reports.
  • Orders provide customer information, payment and shipping methods, and product details.
  • Process all orders through your payment gateway remotely.
  • Order encryption provides increased security for customer payment details.
  • Generate confirming e-mail messages for customers when orders are placed.
  • Receive e-mail notifications when new orders are received.
  • Notification emails can be copied to a third party for drop-shipping, among other uses.

Localization Settings

  • State-based sales tax and shopper selected sales tax settings available.
  • Calculate sales tax for Canadian VAT, German VAT, or customize with a generic VAT setting.
  • Use US currency format or European currency, with conversion rates.
  • Create any customized currency format.
  • Specify product weights with customized weight label.
  • Customizable state and country lists can be modified for use in any part of the world.

Logging and Analytics

  • Generate an ELF2 formatted log file for use with the Urchin E-Commerce module for the Urchin 5 software.
  • Track customer page visits with Miva Merchant Access Log.
  • View statistics for revenue, number of orders, and top selling products.

Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing

  • Get automatic shipping rates from UPS, USPS, and FedEx.
  • Create custom rate tables based on quantity, order total, order weight, and more.
  • Accept credit cards with a variety of built-in payment gateways, including Authorize.net, VeriSign, CardService International, CyberSource, and many more.
  • Ability to accept and process credit cards manually.
  • Compatible with other payment methods, such as PayPal, electronic checks, and COD.
  • Smart commerce library detection automatically tells you which shipping and payment modules are supported by your web host.

Data Access

  • Import product, customer, and category data for faster storefront setup.
  • Export products, customers, orders, affiliates, and categories from storefront.
  • Additional Miva Merchant Synchro add-on provides real-time product, customer and order synchronization with QuickBooks.
  • New MIVA-SQL technology uses the power of SQL for enhanced database performance without a SQL-compatible server.
  • Configurable for use with MySQL database systems.
  • XML-based provisioning for automatic store setup.
  • All of your data is protected by our cloud hosting solutions

“Getting Started” Wizards

  • Easy-to-use wizards to walk through every aspect of your storefront to help get started.
  • Wizards provide assistance for getting adjusted to using an e-commerce solution.
  • Simple Mode administration interface provides a step-by-step walk-through of all required parts of an online storefront.

Modular Architecture

  • Easily accepts add-on modules from third party developers.
  • All modules are built around a common API and plug into the appropriate sections automatically.
  • Third party module settings configured directly in your administration interface.
  • Large module aftermarket provides unlimited new features for storefront.
  • Context-sensitive Extras buttons throughout administration interface direct you to MivaCentral.com for suggestions of related third party modules.
  • Module interface provides access to all installed modules.
  • Remove built-in modules you do not wish to use.

Store Access and Maintenance

  • Create unlimited user accounts for administrator access.
  • Assign access groups to limit user access to specific store administration duties.
  • Maintenance mode enables you to close the store for maintenance.
  • Customizable maintenance message displayed to all visitors while store is temporarily down.
  • Automated streaming updates means never having to upload a patch or perform an upgrade again.
  • Connection to the Miva Merchant update server notifies you of available patches, and prompts an optional automated installation.

Order Miva Merchant:
Login to your client area
Click Order under Quick Navigation
Under Categories Select Product Addons
Then Click the Order Now Button under Miva Merchant

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