Linux Dedicated Servers Will Give you a Great Foundation

Linux Dedicated ServersLinux dedicated servers play an important role in the running and managing of ecommerce websites today. In fact, Linux leads the way as a server operating system and is used in the world’s 10 fastest supercomputers. It is a popular choice in dedicated servers for businesses today, can be easily installed in hardware and software and is regarded as a very reliable system to work with.

Apache is the Linux operating system that is specifically utilized for the operation of the Linux dedicated servers, and the stability and performance of this operating system is the main reason why so many websites use Linux. With Linux you will be able to fully customize your web server and have it installed and running in a short amount of time.

Linux dedicated servers provides a business with the scalability it requires to ensure that its operating environment is reliable and secure so as to support a safe online presence for the business. They not only provide an affordable way to maintain a server, but they provide the business with a greater stability than many other options on the market today.

Advantages of Using Dedicated Linux Servers

  • Low Cost

    Dedicated Linux servers provide a long term solution for many businesses at a very low cost. This is because the technology is open source and can be used my many businesses. Being open source means that it can be modified and upgraded frequently and its new versions will be made freely available to all who require the updates. For businesses on a tight budget the availability of this technology is very welcome.

  • Reliability

    Expansion of businesses that are using dedicated Linux servers is easily achieved by adding more servers because of the scalability of the system. It also provides a reliable environment for business operations and that fact also accounts for its popularity amount business owners.

  • Conversion Ready

    Because of the ease of use of this types of server, there is little problem experienced when converting to Linux from a Windows based dedicated server.

  • Scripts

    If using scripting in languages, a dedicated Linux server is an ideal choice to make. Linux allows the use of SQL, and other scripting languages for a website.

  • Security

    The operating system is a solid one and it seldom crashes. Linux servers come installed with security features such as anti-spyware, malware, and firewall services. Users will be able to maintain control of the content and navigation of the servers which provide high performance and a high uptime for the business. The community supported nature of Linux means that any reported bugs will be reported promptly and fixed.

linux dedicated serversFor those companies that cannot afford to purchase their own dedicated servers, or may not want to spend the large outlay required, the option is available for them to use the Linux virtual private server (VPS). This type of server provides features that are somewhere between those provided by a shared server and those provided by a dedicated server.

The VPS is maintained by a third party, usually a webhosting company, and the business will be given a share of the server on which it will have complete autonomy to run its own operating system, and other programs and scripts, and even reboot its system totally independent of other accounts on the same server.

Because of the open source nature of Linux, and the fact that it is driven by the community, many feel that they are lacking proper support for the Linux dedicated servers. Companies such as Red Hat will provide any needed professional support for a small charge.

The Linux based servers, in the end, provide the advantages of stability, increased security and lower costs, a combination of features that are much desired by many businesses.

What are the Benefits of a Dedicated Web Server Hosting?

While the use of a shared hosting company may have sufficed for a business many years ago, because of the fierce competition between e-commerce websites today, the need for such features as better security, higher bandwidth and greater speed, have become business necessities today rather than just nice features to have.

This need has given rise to the dedicated web server hosting option that will provide better solutions in today’s competitive marketplace.

There are many benefits for mid-sized to large businesses migrating from shared hosting to dedicated hosting plans, and they are willing to make this move despite the greater cost of this type of hosting plan.

With dedicated web server hosting, the web hosting customer will lease and pay for an entire web server for his exclusive use. He will have full control to manage the server for the benefit of his website.

Advantages of Dedicated Web Server Hosting

  • Control

    Clients with dedicated web server hosting can choose and have complete control of the software and the applications on their server with no restriction and no limitations.

  • Unlimited Resources

    The business operation will not be interrupted or hindered by any other hosting accounts because its CPU power, its bandwidth, and memory are not shared on a dedicated server with the users of another account.

  • Root Access

    The user on dedicated hosting will get full root access to the server through an authorized login he alone will be privy to, allowing you to manage the server as you see fit.

  • Plugins & Scripts

    The client on a dedicated web server will have the authority to install whatever specific scripts and plugins he needs for the operation of his website, a benefit he would not have had in a shared hosting environment.

  • Stability

    Stability of the business website is assured in a dedicated hosting environment as opposed to shared hosting. In addition, it will experience a better uptime rate and little or no server crashes.
    To facilitate this, the web server is actually in a different location and a guarantee is given that interruptions in the power supply will not throw the server offline.

  • Fast Webpage Load

    Webpages load faster when the site is hosted on a dedicated server. This provides a powerful online presence for the business, and serves as an effective way to attract massive web traffic to the site. The ability for the webpages to load quickly makes dedicated server hosting ideal for websites that are involved in software that is technology intensive, complex gaming applications, and high volume traffic websites.

  • Customization

    Having a dedicated server, allows a business to customize their server space with any software, and features they want for their website. Whatever tools and software that might be needed for the customization would be provided by the hosting company.

  • Host Multiple Domains

    Users of a dedicated hosting plan are able to host as many websites and domains on the server as they would like. These activities are controlled and managed through the control panel that enables the support of many language packs, advanced gaming hosting, ticketing system and many other functions.

  • Greater Security

    Users of dedicated web server hosting will have greater security against the introduction of viruses on the server by other users. Only the user himself could introduce a virus on his own server.

  • Unique IP Address

    Users of dedicated hosting will receive their unique IP address for their website alone. Unlike the situation on a shared server, this will allow traffic to be routed directly and with greater speed to their site and without getting into congestion.

Selecting a dedicated web server hosting plan should be carefully considered. You should first determine the needs of your business before you can decide on the best host for you. Do your due diligence and take you time with the process because it would be well worth the time spent.

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