How You Can Utilize RSS Backlinks and Traffic Generating Methods to Succeed in Business

RSS backlinks and traffic

RSS Backlinks and Traffic all work together to improve a website’s visibility.

This allows the site to increase its ranking and ultimately to rise on major search engine results pages.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and refers to a way a subscriber can be informed of the latest updates to blogs & news sites.

The Facts on RSS Feeds

RSS Feed Creation

create rss feedWhen an RSS feed is created for your website it will contain a listing of all the content on the website, and the embedded links in the articles. These feeds are then submitted to RSS aggregators which in turn will distribute to hundreds of other locations. All images and embedded videos are not transmitted but the links to their original locations will be submitted, so a subscriber to the RSS feeds will be able to click on these links to view the videos and the images.

Subscribing to Feed

rss subscribeRSS feeds of websites are typically seen as orange icons at the top of the webpage itself or in the address bar of the site, and they subscribe to the site’s feed by simply clicking on the icon. These updates are provided to subscribers by online services called RSS aggregators or they may receive the updates through their e-mail if they so desire.

Backlinks Creation

rss linkRSS feeds play a very important role in creating backlinks for a website and therefore in getting massive traffic to the website in the process. This will lead to the improvement of the ranking of the website in the search engines.

Google and RSS Feeds

rss googleGoogle loves RSS feeds and has already purchased FeedBurner, an RSS website. You should include the submission of RSS feed to the RSS aggregators as a part of your marketing strategy and that will result in a fast rise in your website ranking. This process works by providing your site with a backlink whenever you submit your site’s feeds to the RSS aggregators – the aggregators store the feeds on their servers.

RSS Aggregators’ Ranking

rss aggregatorThe role Google plays is that they frequent places such as the RSS aggregators which contain frequently updated content (unlike static websites), and assign them a far greater ranking. With the greater ranking of the aggregators, their positioning will increase in the search engine results pages and they will be found by more people as a result. Consequently, more people will view and click on your website links and they will land on your webpages. Your website will now be receiving targeted traffic on a regular basis as a result of the submission of the RSS feeds. The use of RSS feeds in this way is not as much used as it should be by marketers in their marketing efforts.

RSS Feeds as Fresh Content

rss fresh contentEach article on your website should have the site’s web address on it so that when pages are submitted, subscribers will easily identify its source. RSS feeds are more and more being used to provide websites with fresh content to its web pages. The webmaster will subscribe to the RSS feeds of related resource. Several different methods can be used to create RSS backlinks and traffic to your websites, but those created with the use of RSS feeds is not only one of the easiest, but it is one of the most powerful ways to create them. When your site’s RSS feeds are submitted to RSS aggregators, they will continue to receive the site’s updates long after the initial submission, so it makes good sense to ensure that the site is frequently updated with new content.

Why you Need to Be Using RSS Feeds for Backlinks to your Website

  • Backlinks are one of the most important factors in your search engine ranking and you can gain many of them by using RSS feeds for backlinks.
  • This is a great way to boost your ranking and also to create a ton of backlinks in a hurry.
  • Many have used this type of method to make their website rank higher in Google and other search engines.
  • The best part about using RSS feeds for backlinks is that you can create backlinks to more than just one website or article with one RSS feed.
  • If you have an RSS feed that contains 10 different posts that you have made to your blog, and then you can gain a backlink to each one of those posts every single time you submit that RSS feed somewhere.

The Top 3 Tips for Using RSS Feeds for Backlinks


Create multiple RSS feeds and submit them all over the web

multiple rss feedsOne thing you can do is use one of the many free services to create RSS feeds for your blog posts, webpages, articles, and any other content you have out there. This will help you to gain a ton of backlinks very fast. Plus by having multiple feeds you will be able to submit more than one to each aggregator that you use.

When you do this you can literally gain hundreds of backlinks in a matter of minutes and some of your submissions may get indexed high in Google as well. The search engines show quite a bit of love to some of the RSS aggregator sites and by using RSS feeds for backlinks you will get some of this love to your site as well.


Hire a service to help you with using RSS feeds for backlinks

rss backlink serviceThere are many services that can create RSS feeds, mass submit them, and create a ton of backlinks for you with these feeds.

You can get exactly what you need from these services for a very reasonable price. They will be using a few pieces of software to create and submit your feeds, but the best part is they are specialized and will do it the right way for you.


Get your RSS feeds on other people’s sites and blogs

your rss on websitesWhen you create a website or blog and you want to get backlinks from others by using RSS feeds for backlinks, then you can put a link on your site to your RSS feed. If one of your visitors wants to add your content to their site on a regular basis they can subscribe to your RSS feed and use it on their site.

This will give you backlinks on a regular basis to your website and will also help you with your search engine ranking. Just by having an RSS feed link on your site you can gain a ton of backlinks without even trying to. This feed will get picked up and used over time and will help you get the backlinks you need.

What does Using RSS Feeds for Backlinks Offer You?

Imagine this for a moment, you create an RSS feed for your main website.

Then you build another one for each article directory that you have articles on linking back to that website, and one final RSS feed that contains all of your RSS feeds.

After you do this you use a software tool to blast these RSS feeds to over 200 aggregator sites that will put them up.

You have 3 feeds that you have submitted that have gained a ton of power for your articles, your website, and your RSS feed rankings.

This just gave you hundreds of backlinks in a matter of minutes and over time this could lead to thousands of backlinks all because you decided on using RSS feeds for backlinks.

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