How can you Keep Domain Name Info Private?

Domain Info PrivateIf you are worried about maintain your domain name’s privacy, you may need to take a few steps to ensure your protection. While everyone is talking about their worry of being hacked, spammed, or even dealing with identity theft, it’s time to take proactive steps to avoid this happening to you. While you’re on the subject of enhancing your security and protecting your privacy, take action with these steps to keep your domain name information private.

Taking a look at WHOIS

Domain Name PrivacyWHOIS is a term that refers to a query that a user can submit in search of specific information of domains. In your situation, you would purchase a domain name and during the process, you’ll have to register the domain with your contact information. This means that anyone who wants to search through WHOIS for the domain name information would be given access to the contact information you provided since it becomes available to anyone online. When you purchase your domain name with your contact information registered, it’s available to the public for anyone who wants to do a WHOIS search.

What to know

Keep Domain Info PrivateIt can be beneficial to have your contact information available in association with your domain name. Customers can more easily find you which leading many businesses to prefer their contact information is available on the WHOIS information. For others, the lack privacy is a problem. When you don’t want people to have access to your information, you’ll have to take further action to ensure your domain’s privacy.

You can actually get a service called Domain Privacy for clients that prefer their information remain inaccessible. It’s an add-on service that many choose at the time of registration. That means you can still own the domain name but those that want to contact you from your domain name’s contact information would have to go through the hosting provider.

Consider the pros and cons of privacy when it comes to your domain name’s contact information. While you may feel uncomfortable with the lack of privacy, it may be beneficial to customers searching for you.

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