A Beginner’s Guide to the Tools Section in WordPress

The Tools section found in WordPress allows you to access a few specific features. There’s not much to this section, unless you’ve added plugins that come with tools. However, this section of WordPress does have three sub-sections called:

  • Available Tools
  • Import
  • Export

In this short WordPress Tutorial, we will take a quick look at each of these sub-sections.

The “Available Tools” Section in WordPress

You can access this section by going to Tools >> Available Tools within your WordPress dashboard. Here, you will find a list of all your tools. If you’re new to WordPress and it’s a new installation, you will only have the “Press This” tool installed and the page will look like this:

Available Tools

As you install plugins or a custom theme, you may find other tools in this sub-section of the Tools tab.

The “Import” Section in WordPress

Most commonly used to import posts from somewhere else, this section found under the Tools tab isn’t used very often. However, if you have posts or comments on another blogging platform, you can import the to your new WordPress blog from here. This section looks like this:


If you don’t see the right importer listed, you can search the plugins to find the one for your needs.

The “Export” Section in WordPress

When you go to Tools >> Export, you will get a page that looks like this:


This section allows you to export your current posts, pages or all your content. It can be used to back up your content or to move it from one WordPress website to another. If you’re changing domain names or blogging platforms, you may need to use this section to export all your content.

Along with these three sub-sections, you may have more sub-sections under the Tools tab. Sometimes, plugins will install a sub-section under this tab, such as a backup sub-section. However, these are the three most common sub-sections found under Tools in WordPress.

Now, you have a better understanding of how the Tools tab and its sub-sections work. Make sure you bookmark this WordPress tutorial for future reference.

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