dotProject Hosting

Discovering the Benefits of dotProject Hosting

When you decide dotProject is the right choice for your project management tool, you need the right hosting. This isn’t a tool from a company, but an open source choice managed by a community of developers and a volunteer group. Anybody can use this free software and gain the power it provides.

DotProject comes with many features including:

  • Multi-user Management
  • Client Management
  • File Archiving
  • Calendar
  • A Discussion Forum
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Contact List
  • And More!

A full tutorial is available to help beginners to the system figure out the best way to use all the different features. If you’re looking for a way to manage all your projects in one place, dotProject may be the right answer.

Where did dotProject Start?

Will Ezell started dotProject while he was still a part of dotmarekting, INC. It was originally used to replace Microsoft Project and uses a similar interface. The project started in 2000 and was move to Sourceforge in October of 2001.

DotProject didn’t really take off until a few years later when two of the most active developers were granted administrative access. Andrew Eddie and Adam Donnison helped to create the application, but moved on a few years later.

The program underwent major redevelopments in 2007 with the Zend Framework. This led to many changes and the dotProject available today. Regular updates are released, as well.

Finding the Best Hosting for dotProject

You don’t need a specific type of hosting to work with dotProject. However, you still want to make sure you choose the right type of hosting for this program. Since it’s a web-based application, the hosting you choose will act as the foundation, much like your computer acts as the foundation for all your programs.

With good hosting, you can run dotProject without any issues, but with less than adequate hosting, you could run into many different issues. Most beginners to hosting and to dotProject don’t realize they’ve chosen a bad hosting company until it’s too late.

So many of the hosting companies on the internet provide only shared hosting and they don’t provide very good support. However, they give you a massive discount for signing up for a multiple year package. This sounds great because you get very cheap hosting, but you’re also locked into the package for multiple years.

If you don’t know the company is a great hosting choice with excellent support, you don’t want to commit for more than a few months at a time. It’s better to pay a little more and test the company for a month or two before making the full commitment. Locking yourself into a contract with a company not capable of supporting your needs may lead to headaches and fighting to get your money back when you decide to switch hosting companies.

Avoid the Headaches by Choosing ITX Design

At ITX Design, you’re never left without support. We provide the best technical support in the industry, every hour of every day. If you don’t want to eliminate your hosting worries, choose dotProject hosting from ITX Design.

With shared, VPS and dedicated server package, you’re sure to get the right one for your needs. DotProject is a very powerful program, capable of providing some excellent benefits, but you won’t get the most out of it without a strong hosting foundation.

Matching Great Hosting Support with dotProject Support

DotProject provides support through a free forum used by the community of developers using the program. This forum provides many guides and answers to questions. When the power of the support forum is matched with excellent technical support form a top hosting company, you can get the most out of this project management tool.

With over 50,000 users registered in the dotProject forum, it’s easy to find the answers you need. If you cannot find the right answer, you can always start a new thread with your question and expect answers quickly.

At ITX Design, hosting dotproject is easy. Choose shared, VPS or dedicated hosting for your needs and as you grow, you can always upgrade for more space and resources. If you’re not sure what type of hosting you need for your specific project, contact the support team at ITX Design for a full recommendation.

ITX Design is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration provider. We provide dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including Reseller Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting and Christian Web Hosting.
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