.com vs .org which domain extension is better

.com vs .org

Which is Better – .com vs .org?

Understanding the different domain extensions can be a bit tricky. There was a time when getting a .org meant you ran an actual organization, but today, anybody can get this type of domain name.

Many schools of thought exist when it comes to .com vs. .org. The domain extension you choose does make a difference, especially in some industries. Here are the key differences between a .com and a .org domain name.

.com vs. .org, the Differences

.com and .org meanings

.com Domain Extension

Out of all the domain name extensions, the .com is the most popular and the most recognizable. It’s the domain extension most people default to, which makes it the best choice for offline marketing, such as billboards, print advertisements and other types of offline promotions.

.org Domain Extension

The .org domain extension is most often associated with non-profit organizations. This means, if you choose this type of domain extension for your business, you may run into the issue of some visitors thinking you’re a non-profit organization.

As far as SEO is concerned, there isn’t much difference between the .com and the .org domain extension. In fact, many experts believe any domain extension will work for SEO purposes. However, the perception is different from one domain name extension to another.

The perception between a .com vs. .org domain extension is the major difference. Most people still perceive a .org as an organization and a .com as a business. Other than this difference, the only other difference is a small price difference.

.com vs .org – Which is Most Popular?

most popular domain extensions
Out of all the different domain extensions, the .com trumps them all in popularity. It was the first one to become popular and has stayed on top since the beginning. Many business owners won’t buy anything but the .com domain.

However, it’s recommended, if you own a business or you want to use your own name for a domain, that you buy all the extensions available. This will help you to avoid any issues with trademarks and competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

As stated before, the domain extension doesn’t matter much for SEO purposes. However, many still believe the .com and the .org outrank other domain extensions, such as the .info and .us. Studies cannot prove this and there are a number of different theories floating around.

Trust and Credibility

Since the .com and the .org are two of the most popular and most recognizable domain extensions, you won’t have any issues with credibility or trust with either. However, choosing a domain without one of these two or the .net extension can cause trust issues.

The .info and .biz domain extensions are often associated with spam and with scams. This doesn’t mean you can’t gain trust with these domain extensions, but a .com or .org will provide more trust right from the beginning.

Which Domain Extension Should You Choose?com-vs-org-decision

If you’ve narrowed it down to the .com or .org domain extensions, you may be struggling to choose the right domain, but out of the two, it really doesn’t matter much. It depends on what type of company or organization the domain will represent.

Those starting an online business or getting their personal name as a domain, should choose the .com extension. This works best for established companies, new companies, blogs, affiliate marketing and any other type of website.

However, if you plan to start a non-profit organization or any other organization, the .org domain extension makes the most sense. This will make it easy for members of the organization and outsiders to recognize your website as an organization.

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