Asking for Blog Sponsorship When You’re Scared

BloggerAsking for sponsorship on your blog can be very stressful and scary. Getting sponsorship can help to provide income for bloggers, but it’s hard to ask for what you’re really worth. However, with the four steps below, you’ll be able to easily ask for sponsorship without so much fear.

Start with Companies You Already Use and Like

When you start thinking about pitching companies for blog sponsorship, consider those you already love. It’s far easier to be okay with advertising on your site from those you love than from those you don’t know anything about. Don’t be afraid to consider big brands, but concentrating on local brands can also be a good thing.

Contact local shops you go to for groceries, clothing and other things. You can also consider places, such as local farmers markets or anything that might fit with what you do and blog about.

Use Your Connections

Personal and business connections may lead to the perfect sponsorships for your blog. Those following your blog might even fit into this category. Relationships you already have might just lead to the perfect partnership.

You can put out a message on LinkedIn, Facebook or anywhere else for sponsorship. This could lead to something great and it will already be someone you know that knows your blog.

Research Fully

Blog SponsorshipDoing your homework is necessary as you need to know about the brands you will be pitching. If you don’t know the brand, how are they going to be able to trust you to pitch their product? You can even go a step further and do a short review video or post about one of their products to show them you’re committed to them.

Looking within your own niche and choosing the right sponsorships doesn’t have to be hard. If you do plenty of great research, you’ll be able to better impress possible sponsors for your blog.

Become a Brand Champion

Companies willing to sponsor your blog want brand champions. They want you to become a huge source of new customers and spread the word about their products. If you champion their brand, they will stick with you and love sponsoring your blog.

Creating Your Pitch

Blog SponsorThe four tips above will help with blog sponsorship, but you still need to do a few more things to properly pitch possible sponsors. The best pitches will include:

  • Lay the Groundwork First – This may include creating a media kit in PDF form or redesigning your website, if necessary.
  • Figure Out Your Value – Setting the price is very important and you need to know what your blog is worth. You’re not selling a post, but advertising for the entire life of your blog, so the price has to be set accordingly.
  • Under-Promise and Over-Deliver – You always want to make promises you plan to not only keep, but also exceed. It’s important to give more than you promise with blog sponsorship.

Remember, even if you think you cannot sell, you can. As a blogger, you can sell other companies on the idea of sponsoring your blog. This can lead to a new source of income and a new brand to become a champion for.

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