A Free Search Engine Optimization Analysis & Guide For Optimal Google Ranking


It is entirely possible to analyze your competition and then determine what it would take to rise above them in the search engines.

However, the elements that play a role in website ranking are so numerous it would take a very long time to put together an SEO strategy for your website to out-rank its competition.

However, by singling out just the main elements that have the overriding influence in determining site ranking, we could more easily and more quickly put together a strategy by using just the more important elements.

Elements to Focus SEO Analysis On

Website Page Rank – This is a score determined by Google and calculated using factors that only Google is privy to. This score varies from 0 to 10 and the higher the score, the greater chance the website will have of being found in the search engine results pages. The page rank can be checked using a free tool at prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php

Webpages Indexed – This measures the number of the website’s pages that have been indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. The greater the number of pages indexed the better the rating for the website. When a site has a large number of indexed webpages it will be very easily found in the search engine results pages.

If that value is large for a website, and in addition, the site provides quality content, that site could be referred to as an authority site. The query used to find the number of a website’s indexed pages in the search engine is “site: Websitename.com”

Website Creation date – The older the website, the greater benefit it will have in search engine ranking. The age is determined by the date the domain was bought and also the date the website pages were first hosted.

Website Links – Links play a critical role in the way the search engines view the quality of the site. The number of sites linking to the website’s home page can be seen by using Yahoo site explorer.

Finding Value in an SEO Campaign
Another value that is also calculated is the links to the other pages of the site, other than the home page.

The links to these pages are related to particular keywords and the links are calculated as a percentage of the total links that go to the websites as a whole.

The larger the percentage the more the site benefits from this internal linking.

Yet another linking statistic is the total number of sites that are linked to the website as a whole. Again the more sites that are linked the greater the ranking for the website.

Alexa Ranking – This website can be used to view the amount of traffic a website receives. You can look at this by going to Alexa.com. The lower the rating the more traffic the website receives.

According to Alexa, Google received the more traffic than any other site, and has a rank of #1, Facebook follows with a #2 ranking, YouTube is #3 and Yahoo.com receives the #4 ranking according to Alexa.com.

Entries in Dmoz – The DMOZ.org is a directory that shows Word Wide Web links and the search engines looks at this directory and figures in the number of entries found there for a website, into its calculation of its search engine ranking.

Performing a free search engine optimization analysis will display the ranking factors of your site initially, and will show what needs to be accomplished in an SEO campaign in order for your site to score higher in the search engine to out-rank its competition.

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