7 Reasons a Contact Form on Your Website Is a Necessity

6 reasons a contact form on your website is a necessityWhen visitors come to your website with questions, comments, or problems, they look for the fastest and simplest way to get in touch with you. Phone calls are an important method of contact for many businesses and industries, but others take place primarily online and rely on communication through the internet.

A contact form is an easy way to remove any barriers a user might have to getting in touch with you and asking a question.

Website Tip: If you’ve already got a working contact form on your website, live chat should be the next thing on your list. Offering users the chance to talk to a live representative right away instead of hours or days later is a smart choice for optimizing your user experience and generating leads with live chat.

7 Reasons a Contact Form on Your Website Is a Necessity

1. You need to have a simple contact form on your website to give yourself the opportunity to answer users’ questions that may lead to a sale. Having multiple channels of customer service is important, and a contact form is one more way you can provide for users to get in touch with you quickly.

2. Information sent from a contact form is generally encrypted and more secure than email messages. People may feel better about sending their email, address, full name, or other personal info knowing that it’s not easily accessible to hackers.

3. Website visitors enjoy the convenience of being able to reach you directly from their website. Instead of opening their email homepage or app to send an email or picking up the phone to call customer service, they simply enter their info into your contact form and hit submit.

4. There are no chances the messages will accidentally be sent to the wrong email address, or that someone else has access to the email address.

5. The messages visitors send never get lost in your Spam or Trash folders inadvertently when you use contact forms, ensuring you get every message you were intended to receive.

6. You can get a clearer sense of what the user needs from you by offering drop down menus with a required subject of the request, question, or comment (General, editorial, careers, etc.)

7. Contact forms allow users to contact you any time they want, 24 hours a day. Since it’s a fast but not immediate form of communication, you have a little time to get to the message without actually having to be available 24 hours a day.

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