3 Tips for When you Need to Renew Your Domain Names

Domain Renewal Tips

Why do you Need to Renew Your Domain Names?

Many times you have to renew domain names simply because you only purchase a registration for one year or two years at a time. This is because you want to try out the domain name and see if you can make money from it or if it is going to work best for your project or not. This means that after the original period of registration is up you will need to renew your domain names.

When you have a website, a blog, or both you will need to renew your domain names every single time they expire. You typically will get a 90 day notice, a 30 day notice, and a 15 day notice. It might be a bit more expensive to renew than it was when you first purchased the domain name, but it has to be renewed if you want to continue to use the domain for your website or blog.

This is like owning real estate and paying the taxes on it, only it is online real estate. You have to keep it current or someone else can swoop right in and purchase your domain name. This means that any traffic, any backlinks, and anything else you have done to drive people to it will be lost and will be their now instead of yours.

3 Top Tips to Use When you Need to Renew Your Domain Names

1. Find a Coupon

Sometimes when you renew your domain names you can find a coupon code and you will be able to save some money when you renew your domain names. This means that you can save a percentage or sometimes it is a flat renewal fee coupon code that you can use. When you can save money like this you may want to renew your domains for more than just one year.

Make sure you know when your domains are coming up for renewal and you look for coupon codes that will work for you when they come up for renewal. When you get your 90 day notice telling you that you need to renew it is time to start looking for coupons. You can use the 90 days you have to find the right coupon for you and save money on your domain renewals.

2. Renew On Time

If you wait too long to renew your domain names you will end up having to pay more money to get them back. This can get very expensive and you really have to know that when you do this you will not be able to use a coupon code and you will end up paying nearly twice as much to renew your domains. This is not a good way to go about getting your domains.

Plus when you wait too long others have the chance to purchase your domains as well. If this happens you cannot get them back until their registration period is up. You will also have to count on them not renewing them and this means that you pretty much have lost the domain you have worked so hard to establish.

3. Renew for More than 1 Year

When you have a domain name that you want to renew you should always renew it for more than one year. This will save you more money and you will have less to worry about as well.

If you have had the domain for at least a year and you have done well with it, then it is only going to get better.

In addition to being more convenient, the longer you have it the more love it will get from the search engines because of its’ age, since domain age is now factored into search engine rankings.

A Few Final Things to Know When you Need to Renew Your Domain Names

Even if you do not want to keep your domain name you should still renew it. Chances are you can sell it for more than what you will pay to renew it and that means you still have an asset that you can leverage. You can use a few different types of sites to help you sell the domain you have, especially if you have a website on it that you can sell with the domain.
domain names
You can use eBay, the Warrior Forum, or even the Digital Points forum to help you sell the domain and website you have. Chances are if you have any traffic at all you can sell the domain and the website for much more than you will pay when you renew your domain names. If this is what you decide to do you will only want to renew the domain for one year.

Then, you can include the renewal of the domain name in the package. You can tell the potential buyer that they will not have to renew the domain until a certain date, which is the date it expires. You can charge to have the domain transferred to their hosting account or you can sell them the hosting account you have with the domain name as well.

This is an asset you can use to make money to expand another domain you own or to use for anything you want to use it for. It would be like leveraging a business building you own that you have not fully developed or that has not produced the income you were hoping it would. This is another reason you want to renew your domain names.

Why Would You Need to Transfer a Domain Name?

There are many reasons why you might need to transfer a domain name. You may need to sell the domain to use the money for another website, you could be retiring and selling all your domains, you could have to transfer a domain for legal reasons, or you could be switching hosts and have to transfer a domain name to a new hosting company.

1. Selling the Domain

If you sell your domain you will have to transfer it to the new owner and this is not always free. It is not hard to do, but you have to check with your current hosting company and domain registrar to make sure you can transfer it properly. You are going to need a bit of support on this one and many times you just pay the fee and they will do it for you.

2. Legal reasons

Maybe you decided to register a domain name and you did not know it was going to be infringing on a trademark or a copyright. You might have received a letter from a lawyer telling you that it is necessary for you to transfer a domain that you purchased to the company that you infringed upon.

3. Switching Hosts

Sometimes when you want to switch to a new hosting company you have to transfer a domain name from one to another. This is usually going to be something you pay to have done, and it is not hard. You will pay a fee and the current hosting company you have or the new hosting company you have will do the work for you to get the domain transferred.

The 5 Step Process to Transfer a Domain

1. Know Where to it needs to be Transferred to

Something you have to know before you go any further is where you are going to be transferring the domain to. If you use ITX Design to purchase your domain or to have it transferred to it will only cost you around $7 to make this happen. When you transfer a domain name with ITX Design you also get a full year of registration as well.

2. Log in to your Account

If you are using ITX Design you can log in to your account and go to the section that is called “Domains”. This will have a section that is called “Transfer Domains to ITX Design” and this is where you will follow the instructions to help you do exactly that. If you are using a different registrar it should be very similar and you will find the “Transfer a Domain” section in the “Domain Management” section.

3. Choose the Domain and Pay

Now all you have to do is type the domain name into the box and select to go forward with the transaction. If the domain name you have typed in is available to be transferred you will be able to proceed to the checkout area, pay for your transfer, and you will get the codes you need to have your transfer completed.

4. Enter the Transfer Codes

The next step when you want to transfer a domain name is to go to the current place that it is hosted and enter the transfer codes that you were given by ITX Design or the new registrar that you are using. Once you do this you will be pretty much set and you can find the section to do this in the Domain Management area of your current registrar.

5. The Alternative Step

If you have sold the domain name to someone else you are going to need to use the alternative step to transfer a domain name to them. You simply have to make sure you get the information you need from them so that you can access their registrar or they will have to give you the transfer codes once they have completed the first steps.

A Few Other Things to Know When You Need to Transfer a Domain Name

Sometimes when you need to transfer a domain name you do not have to go through all the above steps. If you are transferring ownership and you both use the same registrar, then you may simply just have to log into your domain management control panel, go to manage domains, click on change accounts, enter the new owner’s information, and click on change accounts. Sometimes it is that simple.

However, sometimes it is more difficult as well and if you use a company like Google or you are transferring to Google, then it can have more than just 5 steps. It really just depends on which of the registrar companies you are using and you are transferring to. You can always contact their support to get help with the process.

If you really want to save yourself the time and you have a bit of money you can spend you can hire someone to complete this entire process for you. Some people do this for a living and will only charge you a little bit of money because they can do it very quickly. This is a great way to go if you need to transfer a domain name and have no idea how to do this.

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